Monday, May 25, 2015

Home Grown Veg

Back a few months ago, I posted that I wanted to get back into gardening, and perhaps attempt to grow some veggies in this new climate.  No telling how things would fare - would it be too hot / too cold for the veg we're used to growing?  Would our plethora of backyard critters (so far: rabbits, groundhog, possums, racoons, chipmunks, deer, squirrels, mice etc) take a liking to potatoes and herbs ('erbs)?  Nothing for it but to give it a go!

So I invested in a few large pots and lots of bags of soil, and after various visits to the local markets and garden centres, I had a bunch of seeds and seedlings ready to start a fledgling veggie garden.

The potatoes and peas / sugar snaps went in first, and they were off like a shot.  Within a few weeks, the potato plants have grown like Jack's beanstalk and are now huge and flowering, and the pea pods are plumping up nicely.

We also have a herb ('erb) tub, a once-tiny-now-huge-pot of mint, 2 tubs of strawberries (a little slow to get started but just starting to show some flowers now), some carrots (never been able to grown them in the past, so will be interested to see how they fare here), as well as onions, rocket, and lots of catmint and lemongrass (a new favourite for the cats), and some sunflowers and lavender (for cheeriness).  I'm also taking advantage of the warmer climes and trying a couple of bell pepper plants and some chillis as well.

So far, so good.  They were all planted towards the end of April (a little early, I was told, as there's still a chance of a late frost), but so far the weather has only got warmer and more humid, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s, and fairly regular thunderstorms.  And so far, no critters have taken a chomp at anything...

I'm hoping we'll be able to enjoy some home-grown veg along with our regular BBQ'd feasts during the summer months!

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