Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Projects

A blank page full of creative promise...

The word "resolution" seems so boring - usually associated with giving something up or doing something that's going to be a hard slog over an interminable amount of time.  I much prefer "projects" which have a hint of promise and excitement in them, and an end point with, hopefully, a sense of achievement.

So, after a little thought over the last month, I now have a number of "projects" I'd like to complete in 2015 - and if I write some of them here I might actually work on them!  So, in no particular order:
  • Get to know my sewing machine a little better so that I'm not afraid to use it!
  • Learn how to quilt (perhaps take a class?) (hence the sewing machine requirement);
  • Explore some other crafts that I've always wanted to try - eg paper cutting, felting...  I have started a Pinterest board of 2015 craft projects that you can follow along with!
  • Improve my beading skills and experiment more with beads and beading;
  • Explore crafts in the local area - I'm led to believe that Pennsylvania is a craft-mecca, so I need to get out there and find them (possibly in the spring when it's not snowing)!
  • Finish the huge amount of UFOs I have in my stash (mainly cross-stitch projects and some jewellery making, but also some random other bits too) (I'm aiming for one per month - hopefully I can share each one on my blog!);
  • On the back of all this creativity, I want to design and make more items for DewCatDesigns;
  • Look into local craft fairs with a view to selling (which also means making more stock);
  • Start a small veg and herb patch in our back yard (gardening can't be so different in a new country, can it?).
I miss my UK garden...
Phew!  That sounds like quite a lot, and there's a definite creative emphasis to most of them, and I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  But I've written them down now, so I'll try and check back each month to update you on what I've achieved, if anything!  There's still 11 months of the year left, so let's see what we can do... 

Do you have any exciting projects planned for this year?