Saturday, July 22, 2017

CO & UT - Days 9 and 10 - Goodbye to Utah

Day 9

For our final day in Utah, and with a big drive ahead of us, we decided to take it easy and indulge in some good ol' R&R back at Swasey's Beach.

Nice and quiet, once again, with only a couple of families enjoying the natural beach and cooling waters, and time for us to reflect on our adventures over the last week.

From there, we headed to the hotel's patio overlooking the Green River, and over a beer or two, we watched the sun set over our final night in Utah.

Day 10

Transition Day!  Time for us to leave Utah for the looooooong drive back to Denver.
Approx. 370 miles and 5-6 hours' driving...

It was interesting to watch the gradual change from the muted, barren-looking landscapes of Utah to the much more verdant-looking Colorado - even the yellow aspen leaves were more abundant since we'd been here a week earlier.

Finally, it was time to divest ourselves of our clanky hire car (now with an additional thousand miles on the clock!), and then navigate the airport rail service into downtown Denver and on to our hotel.  On to the next stage of our explorations!