Monday, March 23, 2015

A Trip Home

We've just returned from a lovely 2 week trip back to the UK to see family and friends all around the country.  We'd left Pennsylvania the day after (fortunately) 8" of snow (on top of an accumulation of lighter snow over the past few weeks that hadn't melted due to the below-freezing temperatures), and arrived in a blissfully spring-like UK.

Starting in London, we spent the first (slightly jet-lagged) weekend with good friends, enjoying the fresh spring sunshine and good British food.  Then we took the train north up to York to spend the week with Hubby's parents and friends. 

York Minster

From there, we headed south-west to Bristol and Cardiff, catching up again with family and friends from where we used to live. 
Cardiff Castle

Then the final week was spent down south near Portsmouth with my family.
HMS Warrior in Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard

Lots of travelling, hauling luggage up and down station steps and on and off trains, and lots of rummaging in suitcases for the last pair of clean socks, but it was soooooooo nice to catch up with everyone and swap updates and stories, re-visiting old haunts and discovering new ones, and generally just basking in the comfort and familiarity (and Britishness) of everything.

More posts will follow over the coming weeks with further tales of our adventures.  We're back now in the US (thankfully no snow left), with lots of lovely memories, fab photos, dirty socks, and a "small" amount of proper chocolate (and other necessities)!  (I'm off to hide it before Hubby demolishes it all in 2 days flat).


  1. 2 days!!! A bit slow :) You have done a good job of hiding it though!!! I will find it!!

  2. I would kill for those Percy piglets! ;)