Monday, December 29, 2014

There's a Flag on the Field

During our recent trip to Baltimore in December, and as a birthday treat for Hubby, we went to our first American Football game - the Baltimore Ravens versus the Jacksonville Jaguars (correctly pronounced "jag-wires").

I'm not a sports-fan of any description, so if you're looking for a blow-by-blow account of the game then you're in the wrong place.  But it was a spectacle to watch the pre-game entertainment, the cheerleaders (looking a little cold in their purple sexy santa outfits), and the marching band.  And bits of the game were interesting at times, if a little long-winded and drawn-out! (imho).  Cries of "There's a flag on the field", "de-fence" and "move those chains" (?) (still no clue) made for crowd participation, as well as regular standing up and cheering.

It was freezing cold, and we were sat right at the top of the stadium, and although we'd wrapped up well I was still grateful for my newly purchased purple Ravens bobble hat!  We munched on the obligatory pretzels, bought bottles from the lads who balanced crates of beer on their heads and ran (yes, ran) up the steep concrete steps of the stadium, watched tail-gaters stuffing their faces in the car parks, and generally absorbed the atmosphere of "the game"! 

Apparently Hubby has now seen an advert for an outdoor ice hockey game - now that will be cold!

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