Monday, April 27, 2015

Kitchen Kettle Village and a spring-time drive

Yesterday we drove out east and visited a place called Kitchen Kettle Village.  It's about 15 miles away along the Old Philadelphia Pike, in a place called Intercourse (stop sniggering).  Intercourse itself is a small town, founded back in 1754, and was originally called Cross Keys.  We didn't have time to look around the town itself, but will definitely come back to do so, as it seemed to be a hub of Amish activity - lots to see of interest.

Kitchen Kettle Village is a small shopping area filled with lots of small local shops selling good food and local crafts and gifts.  We purchased some lovely goodies, including hand-made fudge (we watched it being made), several baked cookies, a pottery sugar bowl, some locally made jams and dressings, and a framed print of a typical Amish farmstead.  There was plenty to see and admire, including some beautiful quilts and lots of old-style country stores.  They were also offering buggy rides through the countryside, in authentic amish horse-drawn buggies - a little touristy, but maybe something to do in the future (when it's a little warmer?).

Having out-shopped ourselves, we took a scenic drive home through the back roads, slowing down every so often for the buggies, and just to admire the views in the spring sunshine!


Lovely day out - and the fudge was just too good to resist when we got home!

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