Friday, April 17, 2015

Confessions of a beader...

I've been going to beading classes over the last few months, which has been great - they're held at the BeadWorks, a lovely alladin's cave full of pretty beads right in the centre of Lancaster.  (Needless to say, I now have a reward card with them).

As a result, each month (at least) I've come home with new additions to my beaded jewellery collection, and new skills in bead and wire work.  Which is great.  Except I've now run out of places to keep all of my creations, and keeping them in boxes doesn't seem to do them justice...

The necklaces, bracelets and rings are now fine - they're safely hung up out of the cats' way (Cinders in particular likes to chew things, especially if they hang at cat level - ie anywhere she can climb to).

However, I decided I needed somewhere to keep my dangly earrings that would be a) safe, b) on show (so that I don't forget them), and c) relatively cat proof.  I also didn't want anything huge or complicated that would take up lots of space (hubby would not be impressed).

So after flicking through Pinterest and Etsy for inspiration, I decided to make my own dangly earring display / storage.  It was very simple and relatively cheap too.

  • plastic photo frame (dollar store) - I spray-painted mine a nice glittery white
  • small piece of foam board (cut to size of glass from photo frame)
  • piece of hessian (bargain discount find in Walmart's floristry section)

Once all the pieces were acquired, it was a simple case of wrapping the hessian round the foam board and securing carefully (I just laced the ends together at the back with some fairly untidy stitching).  Then assembling the foam board / hessian into the photo frame (glass not required) and attaching the back of the frame.

Ta da!  Perfect place to store my dangly earring creations, with room for new additions.

And so far the cat has shown no interest whatsoever.  Win win!

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