Tuesday, March 3, 2015

US views on life in the UK

Following my recent post on 10 random observations on life in the US, and with a trip to the UK being planned in the near future, it got me thinking about what non-British people feel about life in the UK.

This link, to a page that's been doing the rounds on the internet recently, gives some very funny insights into exactly that (although beware some of the anglo-saxon language).

My top favourites?
  • UK road signs
  • Midsomer Murders
  • British understatement
  • Loo-gah-ba-roo-gah
  • Alright?  (not so different really - in the US, shop assistants regularly greet you with "hey, how are ya?".  Same concept.)
  • Father Ted
  • Weather obsessions (although the weather also seems to be a regular talking point in Pennsylvania)
  • puddings
Have a read through - they're very funny!

On a similar vein of Britishness - see this twitter thread: https://mobile.twitter.com/soverybritish
They even have an official shop!  And a book on Amazon (which I have just downloaded for pre-flight entertainment).

Now, which ones made you spit out your tea?!

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  1. I love this quote from the reddit page: "If someone tells me they are 'in a bit of a pickle', I know its more than a spot of bother. Thus I can react accordingly." So funny!!!!