Thursday, March 5, 2015

No-sew Cat Beds

A few months ago, as my crafting mojo was just starting to come back to me, I decided I wanted to make something a little different to my usual beads and embroidery.

I'd been randomly surfing the web for things to keep our cats amused.  Pinterest is always a good source of inspiration for things like this (see my My Cats Pinterest board here).  You'll find lots of ideas for DIY scratchers and condos, and catios and cat trees, games and toys.  I also found a few links to no-sew pet beds - one of which is here, by Scoochmaroo, although I know there are lots of very similar ones around too.

These seemed like the perfect make to get me started, and hopefully would be appreciated by the cats too (you never know).

Not yet having found any decent fabric stores (now more than rectified), I picked up a very inexpensive fleece blanket in Walmart and got started.  As suggested in the instructions, I even made it whilst watching TV.  The knot tying was quite therapeutic, too.

I actually made one bigger one, and had enough fleece left to make a second smaller one.  I also had a plain ironing board cover (bought but never fitted the ironing board properly) that I cut in half and used for additional padding, as well as the polyfil suggested in the instructions.

As you can see from the photos, after some initial wariness, placement in a handy sunbeam did the trick, and now Ash is almost permanently attached to his when the sun comes out.

I put the smaller one in the box in their tall cat tree, and Cinders has now adopted this as her snuggly hidey place.

These no-sew pet beds were so easy to make, and very quick to put together too.  They definitely helped in getting my creative juices flowing again.

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