Thursday, January 29, 2015

Florida Sunshine

It's 9.30am, and I'm sat on a deserted beach looking out to sea.  Four pelicans have just skimmed across the ocean in front of me.  The breeze is a little chilly, but even for me it's not enough to warrant the fleeces and hats that many of the locals are wearing.  Just me and a lone seagull, and the occasional jogger on the sidewalk behind me (and the traffic, but that's mainly drowned out by the sound of the waves).  Take away the massive tankers on the horizon, and it could almost be peaceful.

We're in Fort Lauderdale -  only 2 1/2 hours flight from Baltimore.  At times it's difficult to remember that we're in the same country on the same time-zone because it could so easily be the Med.  It's definitely a world away from the snow and ice storm we've fortuitously missed in the North East USA.  The news reports, have called it a "historic storm", with 3-4 feet of snow forecast for the New England area.  Lancaster has fared a little better, but our poor cat sitter has still had to dig her way through the frozen snow and ice on our driveway.  (The cats, meanwhile, probably haven't wondered far from their cosy spot on the bed under the warm air vent).  Really not looking forward to returning to freezing temperatures again later today...

Hmmm - sunshine...
...or snow?
Tough decision.
Florida is currently basking in warm sunshine, with only a brief torrent of windy rain yesterday.  This is definitely the playground of the rich and famous, with huge yachts, beautiful condos and flashy cars at every turn.  Just the place for lazy days of people watching in the sunshine.

So here I am, just sitting here soaking up the last few hours of warm sunshine whilst hubby finishes his conference meetings.

*happy sigh*

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