Friday, February 13, 2015

Custom Makes

Back in November, I was asked to design and make some special beaded and embroidered decorations for Christmas.  As we are now well past any possible Christmas surprises, I think I can safely share them!

My cousins have two beautiful Bengal cats, and I was asked to create a tree decoration of them. 
From this very cute photo, I designed two little embroidered tree hangers.  Cross-stitched with bead embellishments.

Then there were two charity-related makes - a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness, and a puzzle piece as the international autism awareness symbol.  These are both beaded designs.  I love how the colours of the puzzle piece really pop!

Then there was a sugar skull for an unusual decoration!  This was a mixture of different seed and bugle beads, and some embroidery.

And finally a dramatic blue-black sparkly spider.  He (she?) was great fun to make!

I love working on custom requests like these, and they often inspire me further into other ideas and designs. 

Is there something you'd like to see me create?  Drop me a comment and let's see where inspiration takes us!

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