Monday, November 21, 2016

CO & UT - Day Four - Into Utah

All too soon we were headed to our second State - into Utah, a drive of about 230 miles, or three and a half hours.  

We gradually left behind the rich, lush greenery and deep blue skies of Colorado...

...all epitomised in the - er - "descriptive" State border sign...

... and soon we were headed into Utah.

The further we drove, the difference in the landscapes between the two states became more obvious.  Somehow the sky became a paler shade of blue, and the scenery came with much more muted colours.  The mountains were less of the rich red colours we'd seen in Colorado, and more a drab sandy-beige, with grey-green shale heaps that looked like concrete.


We stopped briefly at Harley Dome Rest Area, a scenic viewpoint on I-70 near Thompson, to stretch our legs and take some photos.

Gradually, the skies got darker and more brooding, but luckily we managed to skirt the edge of a rain storm, taking in the dramatic scenery that the weather provided on the horizon.  


And eventually our destination was in sight - Green River in Utah - this would be our base for the next 6 nights of our trip.

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