Friday, February 19, 2016

Lititz Fire & Ice Festival

As the snowy weather over here continues, last weekend was, quite literally, freezing cold. The forecast low temperature was 0°F  (-17°C) with a wind chill making it even colder. It wasn't unusual to see people going out in their ski gear, with only their eyes peeking out between lowered woolly hats and raised scarves.

Driving anywhere was interesting, as the freezing wind blew snow across the road from the open farmlands either side:

So, naturally, it seemed like the perfect weekend to check out the annual Fire & Ice Festival in Lititz! This event is held annually, and combines beautiful ice sculptures (sponsored by local businesses) with a chilli cook-off.  Many of the sculptures are placed around Springs Park, which is where we headed, but some were also hidden in spots around the town itself (we didn't venture that far!).  On the previous night,  they had been lit up, and some were even sculpted "live".

We'd sadly missed the warming chilli by the time we got there, late afternoon, but were content to brave the temperatures and check out the ice sculptures.  It was so cold, in fact, that even the spring water was steaming!  

In the chilly winter sunshine and remaining snow in Springs Park, the ice looked very pretty. Some of them were a little tricky photograph in the sunshine, but see if you can work out what they are!

Thoroughly frozen by this time, we were happy to head back to the car and to somewhere much warmer for a well-deserved hot-chocolate!

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