Sunday, January 31, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas

It was almost deemed a blizzard, but didn't quite reach the record wind levels.  Close though.  In the penultimate weekend of January 2016, more than 26.7" of snow fell in Lancaster (the record for this area was apparently 30" in 1996).  

It snowed continuously from Friday afternoon until the early hours of Sunday morning, bringing much of the East (from the Gulf Coast to New England) to a standstill.  Cities shut down, airports closed, roads impassable.

A week later, and the roads are cleared and much of the major inconvenience is gone.  But it's still pretty to look at, and there's still a good 18" left to melt in the coming days.

As for us - we caught one of the last flights out of the area, to the somewhat warmer climes of Florida, just as the first flakes started to fall in Baltimore airport...

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