Friday, August 14, 2015

One Whole Year

So our (specifically my) first year anniversary of living in the USA is here.  I can't believe it was a whole year ago that me and the cats boarded the plane at Heathrow and flew into Philly (hubby had already been here 4 weeks by then).  It seems to have gone by so quickly.  And yet, when I look back, we've seen and done so much in that time.

On the adventurous side (for us, at least) we've travelled near and far, exploring some of local Lancaster and also going further afield to see the sights of Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC and Florida.  We've made like tourists and visited local places of interest, and enjoyed glimpses into the lives of the local Amish people.

On the practical side, we've navigated the challenges of paperwork and processes and queues in order to get IDs, social security numbers and work visas.  We've re-taken our driving tests after twenty years.  We've found doctors and vets and dentists, learnt new insurance language, missed having a credit history, and appreciated even more the benefits and simplicity of the NHS compared to insurance providers.

We have got used to driving on the right (wrong) side of the road.  We collect our post from the mailbox down the street.  We order appetisers and entrées and think nothing of tipping 20%.  Walking the cats every evening has become part of our regular routine.  We listen to the noisy ciccadas and watch the magical fireflies on balmy summer evenings.

We notice (and sometimes look forward to) the not-so-subtle changes of the seasons (compared to the regular grey rain, mist and occasional drizzle we're used to).  From the ice and snow and sub-zero temperatures of winter, to the green lushness and fertile landscapes of the local farms in spring, to the humidity and sunshine and fierce heat and freezing air-conditioning of summer, to the cooler climes and autumn colours and endless (endless!) leaves of "fall".

Do we miss our family and friends back home?  Of course we do, but email and skype and visits and good 'ol snail mail help to make the transition easier.  Do I still want to return home at some stage?  Yes, I do, eventually, but for the time-being we're enjoying the benefits of a different lifestyle here in the US, and life is pretty good...

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  1. I cannot believe 12 months has gone already. A really great review of our first year together and I am looking forward to the next one!!!! xxx