Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Yard Sale Bargains

A few weeks ago we succumbed to the lure of a "yard sale".  Yard sales over here are a bit like our UK boot sales, but held, unsurprisingly, in the householder's front yard.  There are home made signs on lamp-posts in the local area most weeks advertising them - apparently this is a regular occurrence in the Spring and summer months.

This one was being held a few doors down, so we went for a wander.  Slightly intimidating walking alone into someone's front garden to nosey round their belongings (or is that just coz I'm British?), but we felt a bit more comfortable when someone else drove up to take a look too. 

And we found some bargains!  We've (I've) been looking for a couple of lamps for the living room, and picked up a very dusty pair with faded shades for $10.

After a good clean and some new inexpensive shades, they look good as new!

The following weekend, some other neighbours were holding a "moving out" yard sale, and we picked up their dining table and chairs for a mere $40.

I could get into this bargain hunting lark!

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